Mirrky schmidt by pinkamenta-d90o6rt
Mirrkethey "Mirrky" Elizabeth Schmidt
Vital statistics
Position Extra Worker
Age 29
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 6'3"
Weight 122 Lbs
Mirrkethey Elizabeth Schmidt the age of 29, is a imployed extra night guard at Freddy Fazbear's Diner for when night guards take nights off or for when they're sick.

Mirrky is a Pro-Noob with her "intertaining" job.  She is good, very good at her job and then very bad at her job at other times.  

When Mirrky is not working she is usually rolling around, floating around, bothering her sister, Foxxe, or just doing something boring, like eating 7 pounds of cheese.


Mirrky has two children, Lori and Micheal Schmidt.  She's also in a relationship with Mike Schmidt, being married.

~The Days Before Mirrky Was A Night Guard~

When Mirrky was 17 she had done a terrible thing, at her sister had watched her do.  She killed her own parents with a cooking utensil. Foxxe, her sister had called the cops and they took Mirrky away to a insane asylum.  She was there for 7 years.  

The day Mirrky came back, she had cut out half of Foxxe's brain.  Foxxe luckily got taken to the hospital, and she had lived.  Mirrky got sent back to the asylum for 2 years.  

When Mirrky came back she was a normal person.  She just had no control over her madness and insanity.  But someone else did.

~How Many Limbs Has Mirrky Lost~

Mirrky has gotten her legs cut off because a animatronic fell onto them.  She had to cut them off herself, or she would of been stuck there until she grew sick and died.


Pinkamenta is the only thing she can trust

Nathan is bae

Dave is senpai

Vincent is a sticker friend

Mini Vinny is a huggle friend

Shiloh is just awesome

Fritz was a friend

Foxxe is a sister

Foxie is a fwiend 

Vaas is a thing

Slipknot is a thing