Vital statistics
Position Nightguard/Murderer
Age 19
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5"8
Weight  ???

Backstory/Plot Edit

Victoria is one of the Purple People, and one of the Nightguards in the pizzeria. As a child, she was beaten and abused by her parents, who smoked and drank heavily, which is the reason for most of her permanent scars. She ran away to get help, and was adopted by a nice couple, who was soon murdered by Victoria's biological parents, so Victoria killed her parents, and then fled the scene to the Pizzeria. The trauma caused insanity and when she was 17, she committed 5 murders, resulting in the Missing Children Incident. After that, she just decided to become a nightguard at the pizzeria because no one really bothered to work there. At age 18 she got caught and was placed in an asylum where she was injected with many assorted medicines, which is where she gets her fear of needles. Victoria found a way out after being in the asylum for two weeks and running back to the pizzeria. She is always accused of being a pervert since her male counterpart Vincent, is highly known for that, although she finds Vincent's perverted ways disgusting, and will voice her opinion on it.

Personality Edit

Victoria is one of those murderers who have murdered a select number of children in the pizzeria during their time in the building. Children, in her mind, are viewed as irritating enemies, and she typically will try to attack them. She can appear practically out of nowhere to reveal herself suddenly, and keeps a few knives on her at all times to protect herself. She likes gory things, and her kills are usually drawn out and messy. She is a very intelligent and neutral person, who often is seen appearing in the Office to complete her everyday job as a nightguard working on the nightshift. Alongside her are her workmates Jeremy, Mike, Dave, Joy (Ninjoy), Chi, and Red Foxy.

Appearance Edit

She has long purple hair with the standard nightguard uniform, but purple. Along with the other Purple People, she regains the white glowing eyes, the supernatural connections with their murders and the trademark purple skin.

Trivia Edit

*Victoria's supposed husband Human Toy Bonnie's death was an illusion and his whereabouts are unknown.

**She gave birth to two half purple human-bunny twins, Bonza and Vynill.

*She thinks sausage sandwiches are weirdly proportioned.

*Like all the other Purple People, she loves toast no matter what.

  • She has an irrational fear of needles.

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